Is Depression the outcome of your workload?

Even though this is a blog about business and marketing matters, I felt that I should write about this no matter what. Because Depressions’ next target could be you, it could be me, we never know!

Why am I suddenly addressing this issue? On 18th of December 2017, Kim Jonghyun who was the main vocalist of popular South Korean boy group committed suicide due to high level of depression. As a massive fan of Kpop, I myself did not want to believe the news. However, singer left all his family, fans and loved ones. After reflecting again and again I realized that he is not the only one who suffered and still suffering. As a singer, he was successful, he had fame, and we can say he had everything, but not the happiness. This might apply to lots of people around us including you who are reading this right now. You might be a marketer, might be a student, might be anyone who trying hard. So these words are for you.

As humans living in 21st century make a living is hard. To get a job, we have to study. Then have to find a job. Then more other things come to the life. It’s like we are fulfilling all stages of Maslow’s hierarchy. While fulfilling all these needs and wants we have to face problems. And it is common. But can everyone overcome these problems?

For instance, to get a good grade in an exam we have to study. In the end some get good marks, some get bad marks. Those who got bad marks; it happened not because they did not study well, it might be the luck. Even you got a bad mark, don’t blame yourself; tell yourself that you did well. When you have good mark, be satisfied with it, be proud of yourself, and don’t cry for the two marks you lost.

People who are working in marketing field have quite bit high risk of going under depression. Not only marketers but for everyone this is valid. Because when working to meet deadlines, sometimes you have to sacrifice your personal life, this can lead to high stress and depression. The outcome of your actual workload you have to do can be the depression. So don’t make things hard for yourself. End of the day it is all about things what makes you happy.

However, if you ever feel depressed or currently suffering from depression please do not keep it yourself. Talk to someone who you can trust, get rid of your burden you are having. If you are not capable doing that, please ask for medical support. Do not even think about harm yourself.

I know that in western countries, we can openly about it and there are people who going to support when you are suffering. However, this is totally different in some Asian countries. As a Sri Lankan, I know that there are thousand and plus who are anguish because of depression, even they tend not to talk about it. Because society might label you as a ‘mentally disable person’. If you get that label, it will really hard to find a job and also will aid to increase depression. It same goes with Korea, where has one of highest suicide rate in the world. People who are in charge such as government, politicians and all industries and as responsible human beings we all have responsibility to address this issue.

Even if you are living in a country where you can’t talk about depression or any other mental problem you have, I really recommend you to ask for medical help. Because, mental health is sometimes important than physical health. If you know someone who is suffering, please guide them to get the help they need. Because they might be keeping everything to themselves.  Most people who harmed themselves these days previously hinted through their social media, so keep an eye on your friends and family as well.

When you end your day, when you go home tell yourself that you worked hard, you are lucky to be a part of this planet. Think about all positive things. Try stress relieving methods and finally do what makes you happy. Harming yourself will not end your pain. As a Buddhist, I believe that suicide is not reinforcement for your pain. However, I am not going to give any of my religious beliefs or views here. By harming you will also make your friends, family and all loved one suffer as well. So when you have a problem, think it as something meant to be happen. Try to face it, do not run away. Make yourself stronger. Live a long life. Don’t keep your inner lion inside, take him out and face the world. Do not let this depression monster to harm you.

Finally I want to say to the person who I listened to whenever I am sad, Please Rest In Peace Kim Jonghyun, you worked really hard!!! Thank you for everything.



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