Is Depression the outcome of your workload?

Even though this is a blog about business and marketing matters, I felt that I should write about this no matter what. Because Depressions’ next target could be you, it could be me, we never know! Why am I suddenly addressing this issue? On 18th of December 2017, Kim Jonghyun who was the main vocalist of popular South Korean boy group committed suicide due to high level of depression. As a massive fan of Kpop, I myself did not want to believe the news. However, singer left all his family, fans and… Read More

Indeed Need of Private Universities in Sri Lanka

Present-day, there is a crisis in Sri Lankan education scenario. The swift enlargement of private higher education sector across the globe has turn out to be a happening in Sri Lanka as well. However, utmost of Sri Lankan public appear to give thumbs down to the idea of private universities. As a consequence, most public university students and related parties have commenced petitions to bring private higher education institutes to an end. This article will provide a theoretical and practical overview in response to the argument of indeed need of private universities… Read More